During the early part of the season is typically when I get to go out to some stunning places and take a bit of time with my clients when there’s little other pressures to get in the way.  Joy and Tony are due to get married later this month and Joy explained to me at the point of booking about her anxiety about wedding photography.  It was more that she felt uncomfortable in front of the camera and didn’t feel she took a good photograph.  It wouldn’t have mattered what I had said or how often I’d said ‘it’ll be fine, don’t worry’.

I’d agreed with them both to do a very short shoot, up to around half and hour at a local woodland where we’d have a chat & there wouldn’t be too many people around while I took the photos.  The pressure was on for me as well, for all my assurances I had to make it work for them both.

30 minutes later, two smiling faces.   mission accomplished;-)

I’d shown Joy & Tony some shots from the back of the camera to prove everything was going to be ok, very pleased.

...Joy & Tony enjoy their woodland shoot.

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