A little bit of housekeeping to keep you all up to date with whats been going on.  This shoot was  a bracing one, despite looking pretty warm and sunny.  We had to keep diving in the sun like lizards to warm up!  Goo job the nearby hotel served good coffee!  Gemma & Loyd are getting married at Normanton Church, Rutland in July this year and decided to have a pre wedding shoot so they could have some photos for a signing board and get used to being in front of the camera.  Unless you’ve been married before or just love to pose, this seems to be the number one concern of people when they book.  Its often mixed emotions as to how they feel about wedding photography around all day, ranging from terrified to just a little awkward.  Pretty early on its so important to get my approach right.  Over the years I have gained a decent reputation in this respect, of which I am very proud and grateful.

Here’s a few photographs so you can see how the photoshoot went.  If you’d like to book a pre wedding or engagement shoot, you can use the contact form I’ve dropped into the post.  Thanks.

Gemma & Loyd, Normanton Church, Rutland

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