There are many deserving ways to display your photographs, but it wouldn’t be a hard drive.  Fine for storage, not for display.   I am a massive advocate of having something beautiful and tangible to have as a way of displaying your photographs, one of the main reasons has to be for aesthetic purposes, secondly for longevity.  We all rely on digital storage to some degree, which is fine until something goes wrong, and it does happen.

Many of us can remember looking through old family photographs which are either in an old biscuit tin or shoebox & some of the photographs in those boxes and tins can be over 100 years old, so in theory a shoe box can be more reliable than a hard drive.  The only thing wrong is that it isn’t pretty, that’s where paying for a product such as an album or having photographs framed or made into a canvas as wall display come into its own.

Wedding’s are still popular and have to be one of the most key points in many people’s lives, so it stands to reason that its worth investing in an album or framed print.  I have scoured manufacturers and held their products in an attempt to pick ones that justify your investment & believe the ones I use do just that.  At varying price points, some of which cross over.  I use Queensberry and G.F.Smith.

G.F.Smith are based in Hull and London in the United Kingdom, they are specialists and great people to work with. The products speak for themselves & I have invested in sample albums for you to hold.  They are hand made to order for you.

Queensberry are based in New Zealand and despite being 12,000 miles away, one would be forgiven for thinking they are with you when it comes to dealing with them for their wedding albums.  These too are hand made to order specifically to your requirements and have a slightly larger, more bespoke range than G.F.Smith in my opinion.  More expensive but you get what you pay for.  Both suppliers have excellent reputations & I am happy to stand by their products.  I also carrying sample albums for you to see from Queensberry.

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