Frequently Asked Questions?

I have tried to write about many the common questions people have asked me, along with some information I think would be useful to know.  If there is something you can’t find here, I’m more than happy to help, just drop me a line either by email or tex or by using the link below.

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  • What style are your wedding photographs?
    • typically documentary, photojournalist or in normal speak, natural.  As the day unfolds I’ll be there in the background taking the photographs, you might want some group shots though & that’s fine, but for the best part you’ll hardly know I’m there!  There will be those photographs that might need just a little guidance, but never anything contrived that you don’t feel comfortable with.
    • I use a mixture of available light and flash photography depending on the circumstances.  I don’t sit firmly on either side of the fence.  As light is flexible, so am I.
  • Why hire a professional wedding photographer?
    • This often boils down to how much you value memories of your wedding day.  Hiring a professional provides you with peace of mind that you’ll get the best possible photographs to cherish, you hire more than a person with a good camera, its the creative mindset behind it that matters.  You are hiring the backup that goes with any professional service, insurance, professional equipment, experience and assistance.  It’s more than wedding photographs.  They are your memories, do them justice.
  • Why me in particular and not someone else?
    • When you break it all down, I may offer exactly the same package as another photographer with exactly the same products, but, everyone is DIFFERENT.  I have my own unique style of working with people, it really comes down to personalities, you can have a great photographer but find their personality difficult.  Wedding photography is one of the most fluid, fast paced genres of photography so it pays to be really, really in tune with people & know how to read people.  You’ll know what i mean if you look at certain photos, they connect with you and that comes largely down to the relationship you have with the client.
  • Who will be there on the day to take the photographs?
    • That’ll be me, on odd occasions I may have a second photographer to help out.
  • What happens if it rains on the day, how will my photographs be affected?
    • I’ve got many things covered, but I can’t guarantee the weather.  All I will say is that I am used to working in bad weather, we can always find an alternative area inside & still create some superb photographs.  Personally, bad weather and dull skies make for some  really atmospheric photographs! Bring a brolly.
  • Are you insured?
    • Yes.  I have full public liability and indemnity insurance, you can ask to see it if you wish.  Many wedding venues insist on the photographer holding current public liability insurance.
  • Is there a limit on how many photographs you take?
    • No.  I keep shooting, all day until I finish, limiting the number of images is something I don’t do.
  • Can we meet you before book?
    • Yes, yes, yes! absolutely.  I prefer to meet everyone, even before the actual booking, to chat over what your likes and dislikes are.  As the old BT advert said; it’s good to talk!  We can go over so much more in person.  I won’t grind you down with any special sales pitch either, it really would be a chat.
  • How quickly can we see the photographs?
    • The best I’ve managed so far is five days from the actual wedding day, I always allow 4 weeks, but the main aim is to turn them around as quick as I can for you.  While the iron is hot so to speak.  Album design always takes a little while longer, depending on the size of it.
  • What happens if we lose our images?
    • I keep a digital archive of all wedding photographs, so in the event that you lose yours, give me a shout and I’ll be able to supply full replacements.