I’m based right between the county borders of Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire so I’m well placed to provide wedding photography in all three counties.

Here’ a little bit about me…

I am, first and foremost a family man, married with two fantastic children. I’ve been capturing my own family moments for years, on film & later digital, my wedding photography started with a friend’s wedding several years ago, the rest is here for you to see.

I am by nature a creative person, and an artist. My artistic talent began with a passion for drawing wildlife, it’s in the genes, my grandfather was an artist, my father is a successful artist (his work is here), i’d like to think that shows through in my approach to photography.

…Yes that’s me. At least you can put a face to the site!

Many years ago I proudly served in the Grenadier Guards; a fine regiment, that helped to shape me into the person I am today, an unhealthy attention to detail, a sense of humour, pride and humility.

I also served for 15 year as a police officer, I’ve no doubt that role taught me to read and interpret peoples moods and demeanours which in turn helps no end when I’m trying to anticipate moments and emotions at your wedding.

Service First

I intend to make my clients happy, both with my work and service. I like to be able to speak to human beings as human beings rather than a corporate body, keeping it personal and friendly. I’ll always use a company that gets back to me promptly and courteously, with honest information & who convey a genuine desire to work with me or do business with me. I specialise in weddings and family photography and everything that goes with the family, including your animals!

I will only offer professional products, whether it is a wall display or wedding album, they are tried and tested makers from both here in the UK and abroad. I believe the companies I deal with also have to fit into my own ethos. I will accept no second best.

Why weddings?

Wedding photography is fantastic in my mind. There you have it. For the in depth answer as to why I feel that way about weddings. There aren’t many other events people hold that are any happier or display more unbridled emotion than at a wedding. It’s capturing that emotion and turning it into something wonderful to treasure that I get buzz from. That’s not me trying to sound clichéd or cheesy, thats just how I feel about them. It is people at their very best. As a wedding photographer, seeing the reaction of my clients when they are presented with their albums is a wonderful moment.

Don’t just take my word for it though, you can see what past clients have to say about me and the service I offered them. I am happy for you to speak with past clients.

Right from the moment you commission me; I’d like to think we work together as a team, right to the end. I’ll more often than not be one of the first and last professionals you deal with.

Why not take a quick look at my wedding portfolio page, where you can see what sort of photographs you can expect to receive of your special day.

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I use my blog page to keep you up to date on the latest events & anything I think may be helpful or interesting to read.

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For your peace of mind, and mine, I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.  I take the storage of my images seriously and invest in cloud backup services.