For everyone that says ‘I’m not keen on having my photograph taken really’, I’d be rolling in it.

More often than not when people come to see me or ring up to ask about having a set of photographs taken, be it for weddings or a family shoot; the point raised more than any other seems to be ‘I’m not keen on having my photograph taken really’ which seems an unlikely one seeing as they’ve contacted me for that very reason.  However, when I delve a little deeper it seems that the reason can be self consciousness & having experiences in the past whether by family or professional of cameras being thrust in the face and the all too cringeworthy ‘cheese’ being cried out.  typically this will get one type of image.  Cheese.

I had a family contact me recently, who later had a photoshoot.  That family consisted of two teenagers, both of whom were less than impressed that their uncle had arranged a photoshoot, and the two adults who were keen enough but really didn’t know what was going to be asked of them.

The approach I take with everyone I photograph, be they young or old is first and foremost, be myself.  I’ll never put anyone in an uncomfortable position & above anything else I want people to have fun!

The result towards the end of the shoot was this image, which started of as a steady amble along a river bank, to something that ended up like the Wizard of Oz!  I’ll add that I had no input other than generally talking to everyone & having a crack a the shoot went on.  Thats exactly what happened!  


It just goes to show that whatever my approach is, it’ll likely be reciprocated by the people I photograph.  When that happens, I’m chuffed.

After each shoot I like to ask people how they found the experience as a whole, the response on this one was ‘we’d almost forgotten the camera was there’


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